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And Counting with Steve & Alyssa McMasters

Alyssa & Steve McMasters

Marriage is challenging, we get it. But what if we told you the standard of two people giving up their own lives to become one is outdated? What if your marriage is supposed to be fun, open, sexy and liberating rather than the “old ball and chain that ruins your life forever?” What if we changed the narrative that marriage and parenting is 50/50 to 100/100? Join Alyssa and Steve McMasters (married for 2 years And Counting…) as they share hilarious dating tips, inspirational marriage lessons and mediocre parenting advice with the witty banter you would hope for from a couple in their 30s who send out a half naked Christmas card each year. If you are looking for dating, marriage or parenting advice that goes against the status quo, or you just need some relatable laughs on your drive to work, this show is for you.